Overseas Staffing Solutions

A compatible staffing agency for your offshore hiring

We also offer co/outsourcing models of work by setting up dedicated teams in India to primarily reduce on cost of work & increase profits, which include

✔ Executive Assistant functions.
✔ Engineering Complex Design Services.
✔ WEB/APP Development & Advance IT services.
✔ Accounting & Bookkeeping services.

The biggest advantage of offshore staffing is cost-effectiveness. It’s a force multiplier and building a team through an outsourcing company makes it more than just for cost-cutting. It brings value to your investment through highly capable and experienced talent who are focused on growing your business. Moreover, you get to save up to 60% of costs like:

  • Infrastructure
  • Hiring and on boarding
  • Payroll
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce services – product info management, data entry, data processing, etc.

Our team in India will help you find the right talent for you with a transparent process. Expanding your workforce offshore, by engaging us will be the most manageable, cost proof and time-effective means for zeroing down upon overseas position staff. We act as a linking bridge amidst the prospective talent you want to hire and your company. Contracting with Risefront for your offshore staffing solutions will not only drastically saves up on your expenditures but also saves your business’s precious time. Instead, you could deploy that very saved time towards strategizing versus executing laborious tasks.

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